Monday, August 5, 2013

China Glaze - That's Shore Bright

Hey guys,

So before we start we need some geek conversation - Yesterday they announced the 12th Doctor (if you don't know what I'm talking about just skip this paragraph) part of me is bummed because I loved the last few doctors and the way they were taking it a bit younger. I would have LOVED them to continue in that vein HOWEVER do I think Moffatt made the wrong choice? No. The guy is a bloody genius, he knows what he's doing. So I'm just putting my trust in him that the 12th Doctor will be just as amazing as the rest and I will mourn the loss of Matt Smith just like I mourned for David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston.

Welcome to China Glaze's Sunsational Week! I have ALL the jellies (courtesy of my lady Chelsea) and then one creme which I will show you today because I love it SO much.

First off I can't say this polish without falling into an Aussie accent. Here's a fun tidbit, Australian teen shows are my guilty pleasure. True story.

So this is such a beautiful, summertime purple. As far as application went I found this to be a tad on the patchy side yet still not hard to work with. I did three thin-ish coats for good measure.

This is
China Glaze - That's Shore Bright

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