Sunday, August 18, 2013

A England - Merlin

Hey guys,

So Nationals is over, which is totally bittersweet. I've had such a blast although it was really nice to sleep in today. So I can finally tell you guys how Timmi did! (scroll to the bottom to see a picture!)
He came home with 2 Champions, 1 Reserve Champion, and 3 Top Tens!
Pretty proud of that guy, and of course his rider too.

Now down to business. I have a crazy silver glitterbomb for you guys today. The density of this glitter polish is clearly evidence by my failure to get a awesome glitter gradient going.
Depending on the amount of glitter coverage you want you an definitely get away with one coat. You could totally build this up in a few coats if you wanted to.

This is
A England - Merlin
over A England - Camelot

And now the shameless picture of my horse

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  1. YES YOU ENDED UP GETTING MERLIN! That's my girl. <3


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