Thursday, August 22, 2013

Picture Polish - Whimsy

Hey guys,

Okay so first I want to say WTF TRUE BLOOD?! I was finally really digging this season then they had to go EFF EVERYTHING UP. Sorry just watched the finale and are quite worked up. If you feel like I do please shoot me an e-mail (email is in the sidebar) and we can discuss (or if you're me scream and whine about the injustices of it all) without spoilers.

Okay deeeeep cleansing breath! Well I have a very pretty one for you today. This is a sky blue with a very pretty gold/white shimmer. Application on this was nice. This was a solid 2 coats.

This is
Picture Polish - Whimsy


  1. Wow, beautiful!
    True Blood didn't wow me this season, I'm almost glad it's over. Curious about what they will do next year.


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