Tuesday, August 6, 2013

China Glaze - Heat Index

Hey Guys,

So back when Dad was sick my good friend Chelsea sent me a message asking what she should get on NPC. So of course my response was "Uhhh what are you looking for?" Then she said "No, what do YOU want?" Oh well so then I started racking my brain for collections I wanted but hadn't bought. So I just said China Glaze Sunsational! Well she surprised me with the whole set of JELLIES.

I had read they all had super shitty formulas but I still wanted to try them.
Today I have the first one to show you.

This one is a crazy flourescent pink, the kind that makes your camera want to convulse and say "Nope"
The formula on this wasn't as bad as I expected they are quite sheer, and you need to be careful of dragging but once you get used to that I didn't have any issues. 
I used 3 coats.

This is
China Glaze - Heat Index


  1. Ahh so jealous! I love those jellies, and even though I've heard a lot of shitty things about them, still want to have them all :D

  2. Your swatches show no evidence of shitty formula. WHAT WIZARDRY IS THIS?!

  3. Jellies, so much squishy goodness!!!
    Why do cameras hate neons so much?!?


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