Sunday, August 4, 2013

Julep - Zora

Hey guys,

Yay more random Juleps! Seriously what would I do without people who feed my addiction?
The nerd brain in me is a collector with ZERO impulse control, so thank goodness my obsessive collecting behavior has always led me in a direction of: Movies, Music, Nail Polish. As opposed to drinking or drugs or anything else destructive because I would be SCREWED.

So this colour is super pretty and feminine and delicate but MAN does it HATE my skintone.
This was two coats, the shimmer makes brush strokes obvious so you just have to be careful.
I would love to see this polish on someone with a different less albino skin tone.

This is
Julep - Zora

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  1. Really love this. I'd love to see you try for some black stamping over top! <3


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