Wednesday, August 7, 2013

China Glaze - You Drive Me Coconuts

Hey guys,

So has anyone watched The Rock's reality show the hero? There was a marathon on Monday so I got the chance to watch it all. That idea of trust and tempation, ugh it's crazy and who knows what you would actually do if some one said "You can take the money but you screw your team"
I also started bawling when The Rock asked the lady who is scared of heights to climb to the top of the building then climb those unfinished stairs. Oh man I probably would have cried and puked... Then ran into the Rock's strong muscular arms. Just saying, how can you not love him?

Today I have the next jelly. This one while still super bright isn't as punch you in the eyeballs bright.
This one also had a much more opaque formula perhaps the best of all the jellies.
This was 3 coats.

This is
China Glaze - You Drive Me Coconuts


  1. Holy smokes - you can totally pull this off. I love how vibrant this is. Good thing it's summer - if this was in the fall, you'd be blinding everyone in Canada, lol.

  2. I don't get the relation between pink and coconuts, but I love this colour!


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