Thursday, August 1, 2013

Julep - Korin

Hey guys,

So I have a fun green polish to show you guys. A month or two ago my bestie Nicole dropped off a bunch of random Juleps for me. This one was a total bitch to photograph -
Omg okay so speaking of total bitches did anyone see this week's episode of Ink Master?? First off I would like to say that I think any sort of competition like that is not an ideal tattooing environment, and that if you are going INTO a situation like that to get tattooed you basically have to be willing to let the artist do what they think is best with what you want while knowing FULL WELL that you may end of with something not quite like what you had in mind. That being said James Danger was hands down my fave contestant and was great about not getting into house drama or fights or anything like that so when he wound up with a completely unreasonable client who managed to needle a really laid back guy to the point where he felt like a cornered animal. He totally should not have been sent home for that. Ugh I'm so annoyed and I want to SLAP that girl. I get you don't want something you aren't happy with on your body but give the poor guy a chance to breathe.

Okay so back to the polish at hand. This is a crazy bright Kermit green that did NOT want to leave my fingers behind. Application however was a breeze.
This is two coats.

This is
Julep - Korin

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