Friday, March 16, 2012

China Glaze - Stone Cold

Hey guys,

So first of all seriously the fact that things need to be spelled out for men is annoying.
This was the sentence I said a couple days ago to my dad:
"I'm sick of just shopping for trucks, I want to DRIVE something"
Which he clearly took to mean "Go buy a truck without me"
I obviously meant "I'm sick of just getting to look at pretty trucks I want to test DRIVE something"
So needless to say the jerk bought a truck without letting me "kick the tires" first. Which obviously means I just stand there and go OOOOOH PRETTY.

Anyways moving on.
Yet another China Glaze Colors from the Capitol colour
Now to Chelsea who said "Uggh I'm so not feeling any of the hunger games polish colours. they're so ...blah" Okay you HAVE to like this colour. It's a shimmer matte. So a "suede"
This is

China Glaze Stone Cold.

Sorry for the sloppy line on the thumbnail. I got distracted then forgot to fix it.

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