Wednesday, March 14, 2012

NYX South Sea

Hey Lovelies!

So lately theres been a lot of tattoo talk around me (Chelsea, Nicole etc.) and it's making me crazy. Not in a bad HOLY CRAP SHUT UP ABOUT YOUR AWESOME TATTOOS way. More like in a I WANT A NEW TATTOO (thats in a really whiney voice incase you missed it) way. So I've just started mulling over a new thought. I'm thinking about getting a leg sleeve (yes this prompted the "Soooo if you can get an sleeve done... whats it called on your leg... a pant leg?" conversation... this IS the kind of random stuff we talk about at work.)
I'm not sure exactly what I would want yet. So ideas? anyone?

Moving on.

This is
NYX South Sea

I am soooo in love with this blue, it took about four coats for full opacity so maybe I'd use a base colour next time. 

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