Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pot Of Gold Manicure

Happy St. Patricks Day everyone?

Are you wearing green? Yeah stupid question but I had more than one person ask me that before I had even gotten out of my PJ's this morning. but yes I am NOW wearing green. I couldn't find my Keep Calm and Chive On shirt (super huge sad face) so I settled on my "I'm with Beast" shirt from Disneyworld with Belle on it. I like to wear this shirt when I'm with Breezer (see below for proof... and a pic thats a few years old)

Anyways so thought I would do something fun today
Heres a list of all I used for my "Pot of Gold" Manicure

Zoya- Holly
OPI- Fresh Frog of Bel-Air
Orly- Au Champagne
Orly Nail Art- Jet Black
Orly Nail Art- Rockin Robin
Color Club- Take The Stage
Art Club- Neon Orange
Art Club- Neon Blue
Art Club- Neon Yellow
Art Club- Neon Green

Got that? haha.

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