Sunday, March 18, 2012

NYX Snow White - Pearlized

Hey guys,

So nothing really exciting happened today, I just sat in the sun and read pretty much all day.
I am going to tell you the tale of my semi-neurotic dog though.
So Briar has always had a habit of trying to cover up her food in her dish with whatever is around... blankets/towels/her bed/dvd cases etc. Which wouldn't be as ridiculous if her dishes weren't raised up off the ground. Anyways when my mom goes to safeway she often brings Briar a "special bone" which is just a Pedigree Big Bone. Which Briar takes downstairs and licks for about 20 minutes then eats in about 3. Well today Briar decided she needed to hide her bone (which she often does, then two minutes later decides to go get it and eat it) well today she tried hiding the bone under the stairs and behind the bar and then finally she decided to hide it behind the TV. To which my words were "Briar Rose, if you electrocute yourself or unplug the TV you are in BIG trouble missy"
No sooner had the words left my mouth then the TV went out... while the PVR was taping 2 different shows... The little twerp had stepped on the button on the power bar.

Needless to say she wasn't super impressed when I had to go behind the TV and flip the switch.
In this moment her bone is still behind the TV.

Anyways so while I'm watching Once Upon a Time and this show is slowly changing the way I feel towards the character of Snow White I thought this would be appropriate.

This is NYX Snow White
with Essie Pure Pearlfection as a top coat.

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