Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rainbow Zebra

Hey guys.

So i've recently decided that I need to watch Mad Men. Now instead of just starting to watch it and keep my mouth shut nope I told Jill who asked if we could watch it together except I had to wait until after exams....


seriously so now I have to wait until like MID APRIL before getting my Don Draper on!!
yep Jill I'm giving you the evil eye right now.

Anyways so NAILSSSS

I've really been obsessed with nail art lately and just doing a little something different.
However my nail art colours are limited soooo if anyone is feeling charitable. You can buy me nail art pens/polishes :D
j/k.... kind of

For this rainbow Zebra I used
OPI - Ogre The Top Blue
Orly - Lucky Duck
Nails Inc. Carnaby Street
OPI - Atomic Orange
Zoya - Gia
Color Club Art Club in Neon Purple/Blue/Green/Yellow/Orange.

I did this while I watched Prince of Persia (I just love that movie hence the random mention)
And I'm pretty happy about how it turned out... less happy about the green/blue finger

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