Monday, March 12, 2012

Essie - School Of Hard Rocks

Hey guys another semi short post today.
I'm still cleaning out older posts, but I'm almost done!!

First, yesterday I saw John Carter.... HOLY CRAP I'm obsessed!
The first thing I did was run home and buy the e-books! I'm so excited to read them all even though they were all written in the early 1900's part of that is why this post is going to be so short because I want to get my heinie off the computer and into bed where I can just read!!

Anyways today I have an Essie polish for you guys.
Sorry about the iphone pics, I swatched them over my lunch hour after Chelsea gave this to me.
This is Essie School Of Hard Rocks.

I love this grey-blue colour! I'm sure I'll use it again and can hopefully get some better pics!

I'm off to read!

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