Monday, July 28, 2014

Digital Nails - Showtime, Synergy

Hey guys,

So welcome back from my vacation, I came home to a very sick puppy. My poor dog has been really sick and I am seriously starting to worry about her. Sorry I know that's depressing. Thank goodness for vet tech friends.

I have the next Digital Nails polish to show you. This was a surprise mini that I found in with my order so I am very excited to show you guys. Growing up I was obsessed with Jem and the Holograms, the video rental store had about 3 Jem videos and I rented them ALL THE TIME, and now I have season 1 on DVD and went as Pizazz for Halloween a few years ago. So I was incredibly excited to see that a Jem inspired polish was in my package. This is a pink, purple & blue micro glitter topcoat and is SO SPARKLY.
This is one coat over a berry creme.

This is
Digital Nails - Showtime, Synergy
over Julep - Evelyn


  1. I love how squishy this is.

    Also, I hope the pup gets better soon! <3

  2. I hope your dog gets better soon.

    This is a pretty glittery polish :-)

  3. I hope dog gets well soon.

    I love the fuck out of this.


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