Saturday, July 26, 2014

Julep - Martina - July Birthstone

Hey guys,

Well tomorrow I head home but tonight my cousin Alex is getting married! I'm super excited to see him and his beautiful fiance get hitched. Although I am throwing it out to the universe, no more family members are allowed to get married until my bank account has time to recharge!

I have the July birthstone polish to show you guys today, first off I apologize for the pictures, these were taken in my hotel bathroom in Calgary, a bit less than ideal. Ruby is the birthstone for both my mom and my little brother who both just had their birthdays a week ago. I love these full coverage glitterbombs, nothing seems more appropriate for a birthstone collection. This was two coats.

This is
Julep - Martina
July Birthstone


  1. Man, that is gorgeous. Red glitterbombs are the best <3

  2. Wow this is a gorgeous red glitter! Loving it :-)


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