Saturday, July 12, 2014

Watercolor Manicure

Hey guys,

So I am admittedly not a cat person, BUT there have been cats through the years that I am particularily fond of. Usually awesome barn cats. The reason I bring this up because I finally know what it is like to try and blog while also being molested for attention by a cat. I am barn sitting for the night and so far Gandalf, has climbed all over my laptop, all over me, and is finally giving me dirty looks from the otherside of the couch. I PROMISE I WILL SNUGGLE AS SOON AS I POST THIS. Anyways, cat parents. I feel your pain now of trying to blog with a cat.

Okay so lets talk sheer tints. I will post all these individually later but I wanted to post this one first cause it's so pretty. I used all 4 OPI Sheer tints here. And basically just swiped them all on over white.  This was super simple to do although the Sheer Tints themselves are a bit of a pain.

Here's my water color manicure

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  1. This looks nice! I got the sheer tints and never sure what to do with them! So still haven't used them!

    I'm a crazy cat lady!


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