Saturday, July 19, 2014

OPI - Hey Baby

Hey guys,

So I am officially on vacation! First things first, so I am staying at probably the fanciest hotel I have ever stayed at, okay well at least in Canada anyways. There is a Starbucks in the lobby, there was fresh fruit in my room (a giant strawberry in a wine glass WHAT?!) but what sucks is you have to pay per night for parking. Stupid, but really if that's my biggest complaint I should probably not worry too much. Plus Legally Blonde is on TV and who doesn't love that movie?

I have the next Gwen Stefani polish for you guys today, this was actually the surprise favourite of the collection. While not a incredibly ground breaking pink or anything it was pretty and applied nicely even though it was a bit more sheer than one would think. When I was wearing this I totally heard Hey Baby on the radio and squealed. I love stuff like that. This was three coats.

This is
OPI - Hey Baby


  1. Hey Baby, Hey Baby, Hey.... now you have me singing it too. I looooove Gwen Stefani. What a pretty polish. You know I bought that collection too and it is still sitting in my untrieds?!!! Enjoy your vacation. Especially the ritzy room :)

  2. What a pretty pink colour! I didn't get this one.

    Hehe I do like that song though! :-)


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