Thursday, July 17, 2014

OPI - 4 In The Morning

Hey guys,

So after deciding I needed another TV show to watch, last night I decided to start watching The Mindy Project... well now I'm half way through season one. Clearly I am a extreme binger when it comes to TV. Sometimes I wonder what I did before Netflix, oh yeah I had to stand up to change the disk.

Beginning today I have the Gwen Stefani mini set to show you guys. What I liked about the Gwen Stefani collection was that there was a bunch of different finishes, I should still probably order Push and Shove while I can still get it.
Anyways here is the first of the four. This is a matte black satin, nice application here, this was two coats.

This is
OPI - 4 In The Morning

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  1. This is gorgeous! I've got it but still haven't tried it! I only bought a few from this collection :-)


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