Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Digital Nails - Supernova

Hey guys,

So today my pooch is doing a lot better, our vet came out and now she has some meds and gets to live on hamburger for a week! She's actually pretty stoked on the boiled hamburger. Way more than I would be if I were her. On another note I just saw a preview for Sharknado 2 and I can't stop laughing but seriously I haven't seen the first one but it blows my mind. That being said who doesn't love Steve from BH 90210?

I have another gorgeous Digital Nails polish today! This was another surprise mini from the wonderful Raph! Now I don't think anyone should miss out on the story behind this polish so pulled from the etsy listing here it is:
I knew I had something special on my hands the moment I mixed this glitter into base. It's gorgeous in the bag but it looks like most other silver holo glitters, rainbow-filled and blinding. Lots of times, the true rainbow effect gets lost in the base. The light just can't reflect on the surface of the glitter like it could, and the effect is dulled. That is not the case with this glitter.
Upon opening the first bottle I mixed and applying it to my nails, I'm pretty sure I said something along the lines of HOLY @#$%.

I couldn't have explained it any better, this is so sparkly and my lightbox was hating on it so much I actually went outside to take pics. ME, the VAMPIRE.
This is two coats over black.

This is
Digital Nails - Supernova

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  1. Glad your dog is doing better :-)

    WOW this is a wonderful sparkly glitter I love it on the black :-)


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