Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dollish Polish - I'm So Fancy

Hey guys,

So first I want to say that I totally appreciated all the wasp stories you guys shared yesterday, I think everyone has a wasp encounter story. And anyone who doesn't needs to spend a bit of time outside. First time I was ever stung by a wasp was when one got stuck in my braid in grade three. Jerk stung me on my head.

Okay so I am super grateful for my love Melissa having introduced me to Iggy Azalea, I now know every single word to Fancy. So when Dollish Polish announced it's new Limited Edition shade inspired by Iggy and Fancy, BANK ACCOUNT BE DAMNED. I had to have it! And it was so worth it.

This insanely holo-rrific micro glitter is an intense blurple, with accents of Turquoise, Lavender, Green, and Pink holo glitters can be layered with a single coat, or completely opaque in just 2-3 coats.

This is two coats over blue

This is
Dollish Polish - I'm So Fancy
(over OPI - I'm Dating A Royal)


  1. Hehe yeah if someone hasn't had a wasp encounter they really need to get a life lol ;-)

    Gorgoeus polish looks amazing over the blue OPI :-)


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