Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dollish Polish - Look At The Flowers Lizzie

Hey guys,

So I'm home now, after a long great week. You know that instant post vacation depression that happens when you know you've taken your last vacation of the year? Well that's where I'm sitting right now. I came home and cried, but I mostly blame that on PMS. Just a fluke convergence of events.

Today we have the one Fandom polish I am not a member of. The Walking Dead, nope. Just can't bring myself to watch the show about zombies. It would be nightmare city in my house. So this reference flies over my head. This is probably my least favourite in the collection. I really have no use for an olive green crelly. But that being said you never know right?

Inspired by the field of wildflowers from one of the most dramatic scenes ever from The Walking Dead. This yellow-toned Olive crelly, has varying sized matte glitters in shades of white, coral, pink, green, yellow, and black.

This is three coats.

This is
Dollish Polish - Look At The Flowers Lizzie

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  1. What a gorgeous glitter! It looks amazing :-)


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