Thursday, August 28, 2014

Piggy Paint - Groovy Grape

Hey guys,

So I don't know if this happens to anyone else but occasionally I discover bizarre things about myself and it surprises me. Like today I realized I have a thing for bookends. Who knew? I was out at Winners with a friend of mine and I came across a set of bookends that look like two books (One standing up and one on it's side) with the words "Spells" & "Potions" written on each one and an Owl perched on the book on it's side. Anyways so I decided I had to have these eclectic book ends well one was broken. Someone had ripped the owl off the book. Normally I would have been like that sucks but no I had to have these so much I BOUGHT THE BROKEN BOOKEND. And brought it home and fixed it. It looks good as new and with a little hot glue and acrylic paint you can't tell the difference. Really though, Bookends. Who knew?

I have another awful Piggy Paint to show you today. Honestly this colour may have been one of the most disappointing colours I wound up getting I think mostly because I expected this to be much more purple than it is. Even my niece asked "Is this the purple one?" Of course once it's sitting beside the pink it's clearly purple. I think I'm just extremely disappointed in this whole brand. I've run out of anything positive to say. This was four coats. Exact same horrid application and removal.

This is
Piggy Paint - Groovy Grape

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  1. It's okay. Nothing special really.

    Bookends? That made me smile :-)


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