Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hell On Wheels Manicure

Hey guys, 

So I was about to post when I noticed a bunch of blogs I follow were celebrating 'International Nail Art Day' well this is the first I've heard of this so who knows if it's a real thing. Anyways I waffled back and forth about what to do, I considered not doing anything because I just cracked a nail on my swatch hand so I'm going to be babying my nails for a couple days to hopefully allow for it to grow out without losing all my length. But that just didn't seem right seeing as I had a good reason to do some nail art.

For the past couple days I have been marathoning through Hell On Wheels on netflix, seriously the hot guy in Crossroads with Britney Spears has grown into one SUPER STONE COLD SILVER FOX! Yowza! Seriously dirty looking, long dark silver haired cowboy is RIGHT up my alley. Anyways tonight is the Season Premiere of season 4 and while I'm not quite there yet, hopefully it won't take long, because yay long weekend!

This isn't super complex but we have a steam engine wheel and Eva's chin tattoo thrown in for good measure. Dollish Polish - Curse Your Sudden , But Inevitable Betrayal.

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  1. Nice nail art! Never hard of the show hehe!! The little lego man is cute!


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