Sunday, August 3, 2014

Supernatural Lacquer - Abbadon

Hey guys,

So lets chat briefly about the first world problems that come with having long natural nails. Generally speaking people tend to think my nails are fake, to which my response is usually something alone the lines of "if they were fake do you think my right hand would look like this?" and then I point to my poor cinderella hand full of different nail lengths and shapes due to continuous breakage and just general mishaps. Or the other day when I was out for lunch and the waitress was like wow you're so lucky to have nails like that. Now don't get me wrong I love my long nails and I do consider myself lucky to have nails strong enough (on one hand anyways) to grow like this. Granted I can't help but wonder if people followed the same regimen of daily nail strengthener and cuticle oil, if they wouldn't have great success as well. Now if I could only get myself to stop chewing on my polish on my right hand we'd all be set. Thats not even getting into the way you have to adjust the way you do almost everything in every day life so you're taking your nails out of the equation. Well that was long winded, but just stuff I've been rolling around in my brain for a while.

Today I have a red holo to show you! Ahh I love red polishes, it just speaks to my soul. This is a fantastic applying red holo, the holo isn't the strongest. It usually isn't in polishes like this but that doesn't make me love this any less. Sorry for the sub par photos I took these on vacation in my hotel bathroom.
This is two coats.

This is
Supernatural Lacquer - Abbadon

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  1. It's a nice red. I'm liking the look of it :-)


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