Friday, August 1, 2014

Digital Nails - Chillin' Like A Villain

Hey guys,

So about a month ago my NPBFF Melissa let me know that Raphaelle from Digital Nails had a "promotion" I guess you could call it maybe? Where if you donated $35+ to an Alzheimer's fundraiser she was participating in (a good cause) she would make a custom bottle of nail polish for you. So I was IN obviously.

Trying to think of what kind of polish I wanted didn't take too long, my friends have often described me as a Disney villain, and it wasn't long before I started indentifying with the villains instead of the Princesses. So while I still love the Princesses, they get a lot of love, there are several Disney Princess inspired collections out there, but very few inspired by villains. So I was talking to Melissa and she jokingly said "Chillin' Like A Villain" and I was SOLD. So I gave Raph the name and free rein to do WHATEVER she wanted.

Well a couple weeks later this baby arrived. It's a teal/purple duochrome chock full of copper micro glitter and holo glitter. Raph said she had a blast bottling pure evil, and I love it, my camera refused to capture the beauty of pure evil but here it is in it's two coat glory!

This is
Digital Nails - Chillin' Like A Villain

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  1. It looks amazing in the last photo - wow :-D


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