Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Enchanted Polish - Mean Mr. Mustard

Hey guys,

So I don't know if anyone else has noticed this but I swear there is something in the air/water these past couple days making every woman I know irritable & testy... or on the extreme end of the spectrum: a rank bitch. I definitely fall in the latter category. At least a trip to my coach's house to get cuddles from kids, ponies, puppies, & cats seems to help tremendously.

Keeping with the cranky mood this polish seemed fitting because of the name, and I've been craving mustard all day. (I'm not pregnant I just like mustard)
This is from Enchanted Polish's Beatles collection, and is a yellow, green duochrome with scatter holo.
This is one coat over black.

This is 
Enchanted Polish - Mean Mr. Mustard

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  1. Jeez that is gorgeous! It reminds me of Models Own Golden Green, but better <3


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