Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Julep - Rosa - February Birthstone

Hey guys,

So YAY I'm finally done my sleeve. I will post pics once it's healed. 

Also this month I am on track for Julep's birthstone!
I've grown up knowing that February is Amethyst, as it was one of 3 birthstones I had to remember growing up since it was my Dad's.

I expected this to be in the same vein as Betty, and be super full coverage. This was way more of a glitter topper and I should have used a base colour to fill in the bald spots. The base had very little tint to it.
This is 4 coats.

This is
Julep - Rosa

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  1. Wow, I expected this to be a full coverage polish too! Especially considering the swatches they showed. It's still super gorgeous, but come on guys!


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