Monday, February 17, 2014

Rainbow Honey - Summer Blossom

Hey guys,

Sometimes I miss the simplicity of having square or squoval nails. It seems like filing your nails to a slightly rounded point shouldn't be that hard. And it isn't. Until you notice one day that one of the points is slightly off center - but only when you look from a certain angle. Or you have a way lopsided nail. Oh well one day I'll get it right. 

So for some reason I put off wearing this polish for a long time. I think I just felt the season wasn't right. I was prepared to not like it. Yellow and orange isn't always my jam. That being said. I totally wound up liking this. I like the flower glitters. They were a bit hard to fish out but it was doable. This is 2 coats (with big glitter placement) over Julep Marjorie. 

This is
Rainbow Honey - Summer Blossom

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