Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dollish Polish - Can I Touch Your Mango

Hey guys,

So last night I went over to a friends house and we just stayed up talking way later than expected. So then I went home and proceeded to watch the latest episode of Outlander (OMG! Right?!) so of course it was around 3 am by the time I finally went to bed. Well needless to say this morning when I was SUPPOSED to wake up early, well that didn't happen. No regrets though.

Today I have the Mortal Instruments inspired glitter topper. I won't lie I can't remember this line for the life of me. That may be a sign I should probably read/watch it again. Maybe after I finish my massive book list.

Inspired by one of the best pick-up lines ever, Can I Touch Your Mango is sure to leave you craving a can of tomato soup. It's made up of a complete cornucopia of peach, mango, and coral glitters with a splash of green to make one mango-reffic glitterbomb topper!

While I don't exactly dislike this, I'm not a huge fan of this colour combination.
This was two coats over yellow

This is
Dollish Polish - Can I Touch Your Mango
(over China Glaze - Lemon Fizz)

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  1. Nice glittery topper! Interesting mix of colours, looks festive :-)


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