Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Supernatural Lacquer - Atropos

Hey guys,

So you know when you come across a new show you've never heard of before then realize all the episodes in the season have aired so you can binge watch the whole thing? Well that just happened to me with Dominion, seriously if Angels are even a little bit your thing check it out. If nothing else I enjoy looking at Christopher Egan.

Today I have another Supernatural Lacquer polish to show you. I think after this one I just have two more to show you. This is a sheer shimmery rose gold. You could definitely layer this over something else for a bit of a different look but this is it strictly on it's own. Like I said this is a bit sheer. This was three coats.

This is
Supernatural Lacquer - Atropos

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  1. It is nice. I'm sure it would look good layered :-)


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