Sunday, September 14, 2014

OPI - Race Red

Hey guys,

So I'm still really sick. And it still feels like someone removed my brain and replaced it with cotton balls. I need another day off! I also backed into a wheelbarrow with my vehicle today. Super classy move. Although I think the owner of said wheelbarrow got a good laugh out of it. Maybe one of those days when I just should have stayed in bed.

Today I have the first of four polishes from OPI's Mustang collection. Fun fact: growing up I wanted a royal purple Mustang. Like REALLY bad. While I would never say no to a Mustang I can't say they are my dream cars anymore. That being said I am a Ford girl so I was excited and wish I could have gotten this whole collection. However I'll just have to settle for the minis.

This is a orangey red creme. It was a bit sheer and streaky as far as formula but I loved the colour.
This was three coats.

This is
OPI - Race Red

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  1. This looks quite nice, looks more orange-like on my screen :-)


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