Sunday, September 7, 2014

Supernatural Lacquer - Turducken

Hey guys,

So earlier today I went and saw "When The Game Stands Tall" let me tell you if sports movies are anywhere in your movie wheel house go see it. And if you're thinking is there any eye candy let me just say two things: Alexander Ludwig & Work-out Montage. Trust me I almost swooned. Anyways it's fantastic but bring tissue.

Today I have another Supernatural Lacquer polish to show you. This is a total oddball, yet it love it.
This refers to a fantastic scene from Supernatural which if it doesn't make you laugh. I'm sorry we can't be friends anymore.

It's a bizarre yet fun crelly full of yellow and black glitters in a nudey-grey gravy coloured base.
I dig it.
This is three coats.

This is
Supernatural Lacquer - Turducken

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  1. It is an odd looking polish but I quite like it! :-)

    I've only seen a few episodes of this, my friend made me sit and watch them one time he was over!!


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