Wednesday, September 17, 2014

OPI - Girls Love Ponies

Hey guys,

Okay so Netflix seemed to really think I would enjoy "Kitten Party" so that's happening right now. It reminds me of when my cousin and I would sit and watch her fish in her fish tank and just narrate what they were doing like they were people. Maybe that's super bizarre. We were probably 10 years old so maybe that makes a difference, anyways that's exactly what Kitten Party is. I wish it was my job just to play with a bunch of kittens all day. I'm in the wrong line of work, although oddly Netflix doesn't think I will like Puppy Party nearly as much as this one.

Today I have the last Mustang mini to show you.
Boom! what a pink! I love the colour of this and part of me really wishes this was called "Bitches Love Ponies" but I gather OPI is a bit too mainstream for that. Anyways application here kinda stunk it was kind of streaky. This was three coats.

This is
OPI - Girls Love Ponies

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