Monday, September 8, 2014

Supernatural Lacquer - Jefferson Starships

Hey guys,

So today the weather here was dismal. On Saturday it was plus 26! Then today it was 3 degrees and rainy/sleet/snow ALL DAY. All our ponies had their winter blankets on today. Yuck. Seriously, that's being a bit bipolar there Mother Nature.

Today I have another gorgeous Supernatural Lacquer to show you. This may be my one of my favourites that I have to show you this go around. It's a white based glitter which just makes my heart sing! Plus it's jam packed with neon glitter and so many stars! I love it. This was three coats, although 2 would have been fine.

This is
Supernatural Lacquer - Jefferson Starships

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  1. Great polish and one of my favourite bands! Well after we drop the "s" ;-)


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