Tuesday, September 16, 2014

OPI - Angel With A Leadfoot

Hey guys,

So tonight seemed to be the premiere night of a few shows, let start with this: Does anyone here watch the Mindy Project? Danny's dance at the end, I died laughing. So great, I love that show. Mindy Kaling is one of my many spirit animals.

Today I have another Mustang Mini for you. Yep. it's WHITE. Personally I find white to be a bizarre colour to have in a collection. Just plain white. Nothing special about it. It was pretty generic as far as whites go. A bit streaky and kind of a pain, but overall pretty much your average white. I also can't figure out why my nails look so whacked in these pictures, let's blame hand position.
This was three coats.

This is
OPI - Angel With A Leadfoot


  1. I like a good white. I often wonder how similar this is to Alpine Snow?

    1. I only have Alpine Snow in matte otherwise I would have compared them!


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