Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dollish Polish - I Want To Believe

Hey guys,

So like most nights I had really grand plans for exactly what was going to happen tonight, I was going to finish my quilt, finish one or two dragon eggs, shampoo the basement carpet, along with tidying and vacuuming the basement. Wellllll... I finished my quilt, and shampooed part of the carpet so that's better than nothing right?

Tonight I have a beautiful, haunting? grey polish. Honestly I want to watch The X Files... but I'm a huge chicken. I but I swear I want to. I need an X Files buddy.

Inspired by Mulder and his desire to learn the truth, finally, a polish that brings to mind all the skin-crawling moments that the X Files has given us! This blue-tone gray crelly with blue/green flash is chunk full of rainbow micro flakes, and green and blue micro glitters and shreds.

I love this, this was two coats

This is
Dollish Polish - I Want To Believe

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  1. Yup I'd have to agree this one looks really good :-D


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