Thursday, March 14, 2013

A England A Tale of Two Grails

Hey guys,

So back before my quest to OWN ALL THE A ENGLANDS! (yes insert the Hyperbole & A Half meme here) I was never too interested in Holy Grail, yes it was a true yellowy gold but I was cool not owning it. Well then it was discontinued and replaced with the new grail. Well like most human beings, tell me I can't have something and I need it. Adina had (maybe has still) all her remaining stock of the original Holy Grail on sale for 5 pounds. And with free shipping and even with the exhange rate this was a deal so I ordered it (this was before the whole Royal Mail debacle that I will get into another time) Then I saw the new Holy Grail in NPC's rewards catalogue. So both of these were a deal for me.

More pics after the jump.

So the original grail is a perfect yellow gold foil. Like when I was a kid drawing pictures if I could have chosen the perfect colour to draw any sort of treasure this would have been it. Normally gold doesn't do much for my skin but this one was actually not that bad. The application was really nice, this was two coats.

Holy Grail - Original Recipe

The new grail is much more deep and faceted, I'm not surprised that this is would have replaced the old one because if I were to picture what the actual Holy Grail would look like it would be very similar to this. As with all A Englands I had no problem with application. This is two coats.

Holy Grail - New & Improved

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  1. Hot damn the new and improved Holy Grail is SO HOT! Wow, that's a winner for sure. I... don't... need... it.... (I need it.)


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