Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Butter London Fall 2012 Swatches

Hey guys,

So for some reason I obviously thought I had posted this a while ago.
I had gotten these three polishes in NPC's boxing week sale for like $12.50 each or something, they sell for $17 retail.

In a nutshell, I'm not impressed. To me there is nothing so special about these that warrants the hefty price tag. I know some people LOVE Butter London but I am not convinced. Unless I find more on sale like these three I will not be buying more. I was really excited to try these out because of how people love them. I will probably always compare these to Deborah Lippmann because of the similar price tag. If I had to choose between the two which ones to pay full price for it would be Deborah Lippman for sure.

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Okay so lets start with Dodgy Barnett. I love holos so when I saw these on for sale I thought I had hit the jackpot, a chance to try Butter London at a reasonable price and hoard some more holos. I was so disappointed in this, the formula is so crazy sheer this was about 5 coats and I'm not even kidding. This retails for just under $20 and I need to use 5 coats! You have got to be kidding me. Once it's opaque it's pretty but I was so sour after the application I just wanted it off. The last picture is one coat over a black base, which gives it a different look, that's probably how I would wear this polish in the future.

Dodgy Barnett

Next up Trustafarian (this one clashes so badly with my skintone in all these pictures and these pictures in general are pretty crappy but you get the idea) as far as application goes you can see my rant for Dodgy Barnett. This was the exact same. I like the colour on this one better but am not a fan of the application. The bottom picture is again one coat over black.


Last is Gobsmacked which is a micro silver glitter in a charcoal base. This was hands down my favourite of the three this was 3 coats. Application was best on this one. Removal was a bitch but that was to be expected. Excuse the glitter all over my fingers.


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  1. I remember OPI DS Sapphire being super sheer too but super sheer holos are great to be used as a holo top coat! Still such a bummer considering it's Butter London and all.


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