Tuesday, March 5, 2013

piCture pOlish Swatches

Hey guys,

So before we get into this I want to talk briefly about something that happened on Saturday night. I was at a fundraiser dinner with a couple of my friends and like a loser I was randomly checking my twitter when I saw that the makeup artist on the CW show "Beauty and the Beast" had seen my TV Inspired manicure and had retweeted it out to all her friends and followers. And she send me a reply saying that she loved it. Well needless to say I more or less freaked out. It was so exciting, especially since it wasn't necessarily my favourite one that I had done. Anyways that was my slight brush with blogger fame.

Today I have a whack of piCture pOlish swatches for you guys.

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So this has been a brand that I had debated on dipping my toes in for a long time. The polishes looked gorgeous, but they were always on the pricier side, so then when for Christmas/my Birthday, Chelsea gave me a $25 NPC gift certificate so I decided that was the time to see if it was worth all the hype. So when it came down to which one that was easy. Being the Superman lover I am Kryptonite was obviously the one that was going to come home with me.

Well that started it. Kryptonite went on beautifully in 2 coats, and a wonderful smooth formula. the scattered holo in it is gorgeous.


Then when the new blogger collaboration shades were announced I knew there were a few I needed to own and with all the buzz surrounding these I knew I would have to jump on this to get what I wanted. Out of the four initial releases (another has since been released) I knew I wanted Atomic, Mallard & Majesty. Focus just really wasn't exciting me. That being said the more I see if it, I may change my mind and now that it's been added to the collection I may pick it up who knows.

Atomic is a gorgeous silvery-white. It's on the sheer side but builds up quite nicely. This is four coats I believe.


Next up is Mallard. I loved this it was so interesting and deep. Chocked full of shimmery-goodness and then when you looked closely you can see the flakies hidden inside. This one applied like a dream and is so deep and dimensional. One of my favourites.


Next is Majesty, pictures don't really do this justice. As much as I like golds they usually don't do me any favours but this one is amazing. This is billed as a gold for all skin tones. I think they hit the nail on the head. It has some pink undertones (at least to me) and has a touch of holo to it. This one was more sheer like Atomic but I believe this was 3 coats.


So I really love Gone With The Wind (that one scene where the mother finds out her son died in battle and she's like "But I made him mittens." makes me burst out crying every time. Take that fact, add in that it's red and a scattered holo and this one was a no brainer for me. This one applied nicely and covered in 2 coats.


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  1. The more I see Mallard, the more I want it. Ugh, haha. I love the piCture pOlish bottles, even just seeing them in pictures sells it for me. Majesty looks good too! Damnit, I was trying to see if I could keep polish buying to a limit this month, lol. Why do I say these things?!


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