Saturday, March 23, 2013

Rainbow Honey Equestria Collection Swatches

Hey guys,

Alright so we know me, I'm a sucker for glitter, horses & pretty things. So when I saw the My Little Pony inspired collection by Rainbow Honey I pretty much had to have it all. Of course at this point I was a MLP Friendship is Magic virgin, but I have since then rectified the situation. Unfortinately I don't remember what all of these are swatched over so please forgive me.

First up is the Rainbow Dash inspired glitter, Which is of course RAINBOW glitter in a blue shimmery base. This was probably one of my favourites in the collection. So much fun!
20% Cooler
(over NOPI Stand By Your Manny)

Next is the Fluttershy inspired polish. I probably could have layered this over a better colour because the light gold pinky shimmer is lost on the bright of this yellow. Still cute though.
A Little Kindness 
(Over NOPI Hit The Lights)

Next is the Princess Celestia inspired polish. I found it really hard to tell what this was going to be like by the bottle but it is full of iridescent flakes of glitter. This is one of the ones that I have no clue what I layered it over. Something dark I guess. (If I had to hazard a guess I would say OPI Lincoln Park After Dark)

Next is the Applejack inspired glitter. I love Applejack, maybe it's the country girl in me who knows. I really liked the pairing of this one over the orange.
Hoof Wrassle 
(over OPI Call Me Gwen-ever)

Next is the Nightmare Moon inspired polish. This one will definitely build up on it's own. The moon glitters weren't that hard to work with there was just a little bit of placing involved, they did want to get buried if you weren't careful though.
Mare of the Moon
(over Julep Rebel)

Next is my fave in the group. The Pinkie Pie inspired polish. Now while Pinkie Pie herself annoys the crap out of me I loved this one. and I really loved this over the neon pink.
 Pinkie Promise
(over China Glaze Pink Voltage)

Next is the Twilight Sparkle inspired glitter. For some reason I didn't layer this one over anything so it's a bit on the light side. This is 3 coats.
The Element of Magic

Last we have the Rarity inspired glitter. Like Celestia this one is a bit misleading in the bottle so while I swatched it over blue, I probably should have done it over purple.
 The Worst Possible Thing
(over Zoya Yummy)

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  1. A Little Kindness is my fave. I love it so much, I bought a back up. (I don't know why I ever buy back ups. I never reach the end, lol.) Anyway, try it over black. It is sexual.


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