Sunday, March 3, 2013

Julep Cupid Mystery Box

Hey guys,

So in another moment of weakness in my failure of a No-Buy February I ordered one of their Cupid Mystery boxes, for $20 and a chance to potentially win $1000 visa card figured it was worth a gamble plus I love mystery packages. So unfortunately my box did not come with a pimped out visa card but it did come with a bunch of pretties

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In my box I got 4 polishes, 1 lip gloss and a voucher for a free polish

First up is Lynn,
It's funny cause my first thought was, my mom would totally dig this and her middle name is Lynn.... well her and probably 90% of all other ladies born in the 50's. Anyways so this colour while pretty is not exactly something I see myself wearing on a daily basis. However you never know when you'll need a good solid peachy-nude I guess. This is a frost so you have to watch for brushstrokes (like my funky wave pattern on my middle finger? whoops)

Next we have Niecy
This one reminds me a lot of Zoya Whitney or OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips although I haven't compared them. This is two coats although after taking pictures I should have done three because it looks like some bald spots are poking through. 

Then we have Rose,
This bright red reminds me of Zoya LC or OPI Red Lights Ahead... Where (funny how polishes from the same collection remind me of the one above) I really love this colour red. Again this was two coats but probably could have used 3

Then last we have Molly
The name Molly will always remind me of my best friend's old Golden lab who passed away a couple of years ago, what a sweet girl and I know Nicole misses her every day.
This may be my favourite colour of the bunch. Man I love red polish!

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  1. What was Rose's "twist"? Man I hate misleading things like that - I WANT TO KNOW THE TWIST!


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