Friday, March 15, 2013

Zoya Random Swatch Spam

Hey guys

So this is a Zoya spam post that has been accumulating since Christmas when I was house sitting for Chelsea & Nicole and playing around in Chelsea's polish stash. Then we had the hunt for the perfect light blue creme, add in some randoms and POOF here we are. Anyways it's Friday and the perfect day for just random pretty pictures.

First up is Tru, I can't even express how much I drooled over this one, I even wore this for a few days. This gem belonged to Chelsea and when she saw me wearing it, she was just like oh yeah it's pretty but I'm over it, you can have it. Well this was MUSIC to my ears because I already had this one along with two others from the collection in my NPC shopping cart. It is a gorgeous purple with golden shimmer hidden in it. So beautiful. And it applied perfectly in 2 coats.


Next is Lotus who hails from the same collection as Tru, but is a more lavender purple this time with a purple shimmer buried in it's depths. So gorgeous. This was 2 coats.

Skylar is also from Zoya's True collection. This one reminds me a bit of OPI's I Have A Herring Problem but I am fairly certain they are not dupes. This was 2 coats.


Next is just a random that had been on my list. From Zoya's Wicked collection comes Edyta, which is the most interesting gunsmoke grey, shimmer polish that leans a bit green. This colour is super cool, and applied in 2 coats. (Are we seeing a theme? Zoya rocks)

Then comes Blaze, which is obviously a newer polish. After buying and loving Aurora and Storm I just had to have Blaze too, which is a berry-red scatter holo. Looking at this OPI Extravagance comes to mind immediately, but I can promise you they are not dupes. This again was 2 coats.


So when I was working on all my nail art for February I noticed that I did not have a light blue creme, yes I had light blues but each had some sort of shimmer or sparkle to it. Well this obviously had to be rectified. So naturally I turned to a brand I knew wouldn't let me down. I settled on two polishes that both fell into the category of what I was looking for yet were entirely different. The first one was Yummy, a perfect light to mid blue creme. This covered in two coats.


The second one was Kristen, Kristen is a powder blue creme that I know will come in handy and I had nothing like this. This one also covered completely in two coats.


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  1. Goddamn man, Zoya is the greatest. Look at all that flawless formula. I need Yummy. I think it would be a perfect colour to have my DL Mermaid's Dream (lol still untried) as a highlight nail. So good.


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