Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March Julep Maven Box

Hey guys,

Today I have my March Julep Maven to show you guys. Along with the extra I ordered.
Okay so only being 3 months into my Julep subscription I am officially a big fan there is just something super exciting about waiting to see what surprise goodies Julep slipped into the box this month along with fun stuff like the Secret Store that gets unlocked when you order your box. And that's not getting into the other random fun stuff and deals.

This month's box inspiration was sidewalk chalk! So we had lots of fun and pretty pastel colours. I did almost pass on this month's box but in the end knew I would regret doing so. This month I ordered the Boho Glam box which when you take the style profile test is the profile I always come up with which is bizarre because in no way would I describe my style as Boho. Not even a little bit. Then I added on the colour Adrianna which you will see in a bit.
 So the Boho Glam box this month included 2 nail colours, their new Rock Star Hand Creme, and their Strawberry Mint lip balm. Somewhere in the excitement I forgot to photograph the hand creme outside of the box, but I love it so much it doesn't feel greasy and it smells awesome.

The lip balm is also great and makes my lips feel moisturized and not dried out in 10 minutes like a lot of lip balms.

First up we have Leila, this is the reason I picked this box. For some reason I love yellows even though they hate me. Leila is a sunshine yellow with a shimmer that is buried inside that makes it so gorgeous. It applied in 2 coats and I found it so be a bit difficult to apply because the formula was thick but it was worth it in the end for sure.

Then we have Joy, a nice springy-mauve. Nothing really jumped out as super special about this one but its a nice good solid colour that I'm sure could make the perfect base for some fun glitter. This applied in 2 coats as well, and was also a bit on the thick side.

Last is my add on, Adrianna, a pistachio creme which I think fits nicely with Leila, the two could make a cute citrus-y manicure. This applied in 2 coats but was also on the thicker side so I added some thinner and it seemed to help. Not sure why this month's polishes all seemed a bit thick but overall they were nice enough that the formula wouldn't deter me from recommending them.

Oh spring pastels, how my skin tone hates you.

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  1. Mmm I love Joy! I hear that Julep has a lavender cuticle oil, you should totally get it.


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