Monday, March 25, 2013

Nicole By OPI - Selena Gomez Swatches

Hey guys,

So I'm sure you all remember my quest for the Selena Gomez polishes from NOPI. The stupid glitters were EVERYWHERE, but the cremes & shimmers were absolutely impossible to find. For almost a full month I kept checking Rexall & Shoppers relentlessly, with the glitters mocking me at every turn. When finally I got a tip from my NPBBF Melissa that she had spotted them at London Drugs in Vancouver so maybe they would be at mine, you can bet I high-tailed it to London Drugs where surprise surprise I found my babies!! I managed to limit myself to 3 even though to this day I'm still considering going and searching for 2 that I still kind of want. Anyways these are my picks.
First up is Hit the Lights. For a yellow this is great it covered in 2 coats and has a really gorgeous subtle shimmer that of course you can't see in pictures.

Hit The Lights

Like Hit the Lights, Love Song has the same super subtle shimmer that seems to be present in most of the collection (at least the ones I grabbed anyways) This was also a two coater. A really nice lavender purple.
Love Song

Next  is Selena, also a 2 coater and also with the shimmer that refuses to be photographed. This is a really pretty corally-pink. This one reminds me of a carnation.

Now for the only glitter from the collection I wanted (and the only polish I found without any trouble) this is swatched over top of Sparitual Thunder Road. The index finger is one coat, the middle finger 2, and so on.  it's full of teal, purple and silver glitter.

Sweet Dreams

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  1. Yay you picked good ones! And holy horizontal glitter gradient, why haven't I done this yet?!


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