Saturday, March 2, 2013

OPI Liquid Sands

Hey guys,

So yeah I'm wayyy late on these but cut me some slack as I try to get rid of my pressing backlog.
The moment I heard about these I was stoked, I LOVE gritty polish. why? who knows but I just think it's awesome so I'm so excited for the 2013 trend of textured polish. Kicking everything off were these from the OPI Mariah Carey collection.

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Now I really am not a Mariah Carey fan, like my interest in her music stops at that one Christmas song of hers I love. but anyways moving on. A lot of people have swatched these with a topcoat. I didn't bother because I wore each of these for a day and wanted to keep the gritty feel. You'll notice that my swatch of The Impossible is missing the star glitter that was supposed to be in this polish, I have the minis so I'm not sure if the star glitter would even fit in the bottle. I've also seen some people who have pulled the star glitter off because it started to curl.
My favourite of the bunch has got to be Get Your Number.

Can't Let Go

Get Your Number

The Impossible

Stay The Night

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  1. I haaaaated Get Your Number... It was so flat and offered no dimension, guh. I thought the liquid sands needed "something more" and I couldn't quite put my finger on it but then Zoya came to the rescue and they nailed textured nail polish for me. UNF. So good.


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