Monday, March 4, 2013

Hoof Polish Debut!

Hey guys,

So I'm super excited to show you guys this. My indies! 
This post is going to be quite picture heavy so click Read more to see swatches & their inspiration and my wordy explanations.

So this all started when I did the "Why has nobody tapped the polish inspired by horses market?" Now okay maybe I'm the only one who has ever thought this but then I thought of all my friends who would totally wear polish inspired by horses. So then I thought heck why not try? So before I bit off more than I could chew I decided to come up with 4 solid ideas then buy enough supplies to make 4 bottles of each then see if it was even going to happen. Well it worked, and thus "Hoof Polish" was born. For those of you not in the horse world yes hoof polish is an actual thing, first you have to sand the feet (the equine equivalent of buffing) then you apply shoe polish (to black feet only) and then the hoof polish on top which reaks to high heaven and man if you get black on your hands good luck because it's staying there.

Anyways so I decided to go with polishes inspired by actual horses. It just so happens that most of our horses have registered names that are perfect for nail polish.

So I started with my main man Mr. Puckzilla himself, Breezer. Now Breezer's registered name is Sur's National Khantender, and I wasn't going to put that on a polish bottle so instead I went with his alter-ego Puckzilla. Breezer is one of the most laid back, lazy, go with the flow horses I've ever met, yet he's stubborn as all get out. He's exactly like me, as soon as he's forced to do something you have a battle of epic proportions on your hands, and that is when Puckzilla emerges. 

So more than any other horse I've known I've watched Breezer change over the years (maybe because he's mine and I love him most?) He went from a dark dappled grey with lots of black to a much lighter silver with all sorts of brown freckles. So thats what I used. I layered this over one coat of OPI Not Like The Movies, but there is silver pigment in this so it will layer up on it's own. There is black glitter, silver glitter, gunmetal grey glitter and even some brown glitter.

 These pictures are with a matte top coat. I love it this way.

 Next is my other man, Timmi. Who's registered name is Just One More Time. If we're going to get technical Timmi is actually my Dad's horse, he bought Timmi after having some serious battles with Breezer, where Breezer is just like me, Timmi is just like my Dad... laid back but wants to go fast. My good friend Kelly shows Timmi right now. For a horse that was bought as a trail horse, he has sure stepped up his game.

So when it came to making Just One More Time, I wanted an almost all white glitter topper. So this is small white glitter, large white glitter, mid sized off white glitter, and then some silver holo thrown in for some kick. This is it over white (like I meant for it to be worn) and then over black so you can really see it.

 Next in the line up is Rock Afire, Rock belongs to one of my best friends - Jill. Rock is one of the funniest horses I know. He grew up with very little socialization so as a result he loves people, but is very anti-other horses. Except for Breezer, we always joke that they are hetro-life-mates. Rock is the Pinky to Breezer's Brain. Breezer always stirs up trouble and lets Rock finish things. 

 When I was formulating Rock Afire I was told by Jill it could be anything but Orange or Yellow. Each of our horses kind of has their own "color" Breezer is zebra print, Rock is hunter green, Love is purple, Dodger is lime green, etc. I had a brown to green duochrome pigment so decided that would be perfect. So I took that, some large brown glitter, some micro copper glitter, and some small brown glitter. This one looked a tad bizarre in the bottle but I loved the way it turned out. This is it swatched over OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys. I still need to swatch this over green. This will build up on it's own though.

And last up is Owen, or "Matinee Rouge" Owen is my coach's horse and he is the biggest goofball. Like when I say Rock has no social skills. Owen is that weirdo in your class who no one really talks to because no one knows what his deal is. He's a cutie pie, but it's hard not to just laugh at him because he acts like he doesn't know he's a horse. Below is one of my favourite pictures because it just looks like I am reading Owen the riot act.

 So when I was making Matinee Rouge it seemed silly not to make it red because obviously Rouge is red in french. So this is a glitter topper using 3 different shades and sizes of red glitter. The swatches are over 2 coats of NYX Blood

The original plan was to gauge interest before I ordered more bottles.
If you are interested in potentially ordering Hoof Polish please send me an e-mail at with the subject line "Hoof Polish"
You are not under any obligation to buy, and right now I'll open it up to US & Canada.
I promise I don't bite.


  1. Congrats on this project! Reading the stories behind the polishes really put heart into all the colours and made me love them and you so much more! The photos of you gals riding those beautiful beasts are so inspiring too. I'm so glad you included them. I hope they're a hit, I think these are totally fab. I am still all over that Rock Afire! I'm such a sucker for green, hehe.

  2. I'm loving Puckzilla and Just One More Time! So pretty!


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