Thursday, March 7, 2013

Femme Fatale Gemstone Swatches

Hey guys

In January I placed my first order with Harlow & Co. I was super impressed with the speed of shipping. I will totally buy from Katie again.
In my purchase I picked up 4 polishes from Femme Fatale Cosmetic's Gemstone collection.
For my first Femme Fatales I think I did good, these are so beautiful.

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These are all pigmented duochrome topcoats. I swatched all of these over black (The pictures are all over black), white & a colour similar to the colour of the duochrome. The black ones showcased the polish perfectly so those are all I'm going to show you. These are all one coat over black, and applied fantastically.






  1. God the names of these polishes are absolutely drool-worthy! Dragonscale? Skyfire? Emberstone? UNF! Dragonscale and Seaspray look pretty similar - I think I'd opt in for Dragonscale based on the name alone!

    1. That was what pulled me in! Seaspray is more teal. There are more in the collection but these were all that Katie had. They were on sale too.


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