Friday, March 1, 2013

February Julep Maven Box

Hey guys,

So I know this is clearly late however I was rather preoccupied with last month's challenge so better late than never here was my Julep maven box from last month

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So this month I went for the It Girl box, since it comes with three polishes instead of 2 polishes and a product.

This month the It Girl boxes included 3 polishes, Julep's new Freedom Polymer top coat and a small compact eyelash curler

This month I also added the colour Ginger on to my box since I wanted both the holos that Julep put out this month
So first off I'm going to talk about the Freedom top coat. I really love this, sure it doesn't dry as fast as SV or Poshe but in 5 minutes it is dried and good to go. I often find that even with a fast dry top coat I wind up smudging my nails anyways. So waiting five minutes for a really good solid finish is great. I just wish the bottle was bigger!

The first colour I swatched was Joan (named after Joan Crawford)
I found the formula on this one to be a bit thick but it's really nothing a few drops of thinner won't solve. Over all I really liked this colour. It did remind me a bit of Jodie from last month but Joan is more raspberry and the shimmer is bigger.

Then came Marion (after Marion Cotillard)
I loooooved this, the formula was awesome and this colour is awesome. I really considered stopping swatching and just wearing this.

Then we have Rebel (after one of my favourites Rebel Wilson)
When I saw this colour was going to be named after Rebel Wilson and was a holo I knew I had to become a maven. I love Rebel Wilson so much, anyone who can say sausage wallet with a straight face is a-okay in my books. As far as being a holo goes this one is pretty nice, it's not as in your face as Nfu Oh 61 but stand up waayyyy better than Butter London's Dodgy Barnett.

Lastly our add-on Ginger (after Ginger Rogers)
Ginger is billed as a "Sand" holo I really liked it it had the same formula and consistency as Rebel and was a two coater. I also have a picture of the new "Swatch me" stickers the bottles are now coming with.

If you are interested in becoming a maven but haven't signed up yet you can click the link in the sidebar ->


  1. OMG your swatches are totally top shelf! I love Joan and Rebel... Goddamnit, maybe you're right about Julep being the tits after all....

  2. Maybe it's just me but I would be scared to use that eyelash curler, lol! Really loving the colours though, great swatches!


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