Friday, June 21, 2013

Cheeky Monkey - Raunchy Bitch

Hey guys,

Today is the last day of Cheeky Monkey, I saved the polish with my favourite name until last this polish is also the unique one in the bunch with shimmer.

Of course this polish is a really pretty blurple so my camera hates it and refused to photograph it accurately. It's more purple in real life but leans very much to the blue side. Damn blurples. So pretty yet such a pain in the butt.

This was two coats.
This is
Cheeky Monkey - Raunchy Bitch


  1. Haha I really like this brand, the names and quotes are awesome :)

    Lovely colour!

  2. This looks like a beautiful shade!
    I have a blurple from another brand and pictures NEVER capture the purple side of it, only the blue. It's so tough to photograph.

  3. Holy moly these polish names are killing it - this one has to be my favourite. I am pretty sure I've called people this too - LOL. Love the blurple!


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