Thursday, June 13, 2013

Crazy Polish Lady - Hakuna Matata

Hey guys,
 Alright, so who doesn't love The Lion King?? If you don't you can just leave right now, seriously.

Today's polish was the first 2 coater out of this group so far! And while my camera hates it (I'm seriously considering getting with it and getting a light box) I really liked it. Glitter wise this one was similar in pay-off to Reflection. I had no problems with formula. There's slight shrinkage due to my old bottle of SV and the fact that I painted my nails, went and rode my horse, and THEN took pics once I got home. It's not the polish's fault.
This is
Crazy Polish Lady - Hakuna Matata

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  1. Just get one of em light boxes on eBay! I think I might get one too so if I beat you to it (I wouldn't be buying one until maybe the fall), I shall let you know!

    And your skin tone can pull off oranges so nicely, I am jealous!


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